• Medical Personal Training

    Domestic and foreign health care workers were intended for researchers, advanced medical equipment, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills of medical technology and training sessions concerning research and development will be held in conjunction with each research institutes, more to promote the development of excellent human resources.

  • International Medical Alliance

    We aim to work with the medical field at home and abroad, promoting international mutual understanding, human resource development, to do the business on the promotion of academic research and technology development.

  • Research and Development of medical technology

    In order to solve the prpblems such as the exchange of opinion in the medical technology and develop the research, equipment, newly conducted research to develop the contribution to establish the high safe and quality medical system.

  • the IMP Building

  • Medical Tourism

  • Consultation Clinic for Ion Beam Radiotherapy

    This is an outpatient clinic for “Consultation and Second opinion” both for actual patients or their families. The three pilars of cancer treatment are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. When a patient is worried about the appropirate method of treatment, we explain various methods of cancer therapy and assist in his/her understanding about Carbon ion radiotherapy method.


Medical Advisory Board


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